THINK: To ruminate literally means “to chew the cud.” A cow will chew on one particular wad of cud for hours at a time, over and over again, swallowing it and bringing it back up from it’s stomach. Consider the metaphor of the cud as you think about some of the phrases in this Psalm that stand out to you.

READ: Read Psalm 139 three times slowly, ruminating on it. Don’t skim or speed-read; chew on each word. Hold the words in your minds until you feel you’ve considered every aspect of them.

PRAY: Spend time in silence, meditating on these phrases. Let them bounce around in your brain. Look at them from every direction. As you do that, explore the emotions and thoughts you are having. Specifically ask God, “Why am I feeling this way, God?” and put your heart in a posture of listening. Expect to hear from God.

LIVE: Spend a few more minutes listening to God and ask him, “What do you want me to do with what you have given me?”

Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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