READ: Psalm 131

THINK: I have always been really proud of how humble I am. 🙂

This short Psalm is incredibly powerful, and its message has nothing to do with David patting his own back for being humble. Saul and his men often accused David of being prideful and haughty, but here David comes before the Lord and very earnestly and honestly lays out his heart.

David knows that life is not simple, and that he is currently facing a number of difficulties and will continue to face them all his life. Sound familiar? David’s situation when he wrote down these words mirrors ours thousands of years later. Our world is broken and, until Jesus returns, there will be no end to our troubles. So what do we do? What’s the answer to the brokenness of our world?

Our natural instinct is to trust ourselves. It is to pridefully assume that somehow we can figure everything out on our own. But David wisely realized that he didn’t have the answers to his own problems – that ultimately he was powerless to solve them. He realized that the only solution was to completely and totally put his entire hope in God alone.

Where is your hope? When times are hard, when troubles arise, when you find yourself in difficult situations, what is your natural inclination? Do you trust yourself? Do you let your pride win the day?

Or do you “not concern yourself with great matters” and “put your hope [completely] in the Lord”?

PRAY: Thank God for being a hope in times of trouble. Confess that your pride has inhibited you from trusting him, and as him to help you put your faith completely in him and let go of the false pride that leads you to think you can do it on your own.

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