READ: 2 Kings 20-22

THINK: Read 2 Kings 22:11-17 again and try to get a feel for the situation. As you read about it, think about the images, words, or phrases that especially impact you and jump out to you, such as the raging anger or the anguish in the words and actions of Josiah.

Why do you think these images, words, or phrases stood out to you?

PRAY: Take time to silently repeat the word or phrase from the passage or to let the image play itself out in your mind. See how it meshes with your thoughts, feelings, and memories. Eventually let your contemplation lead you to consider whether there are any questionable or sinful areas of your life that you have been ignoring lately. Can you tell why you’ve been ignoring them? Bring them before God. What is your posture?

LIVE: Picture this God whose anger is burning furiously. What’s it like to be before him? Now see Jesus, the mediator between the holy God pictured in this passage and the sinful people God loves. Turn to Jesus and together examine your heart. Watch his response to the sinful areas you noticed. What is he inviting you to do in response to what you see? Respond to his invitation. Watch God the Father accept Jesus’ redemption of your sin – see God’s white-hot anger cool – and experience being welcomed back into full fellowship with him once more.

Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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