READ: Psalm 127

THINK: Short passage & a short thought for today: Many scholars believe that Solomon wrote this Psalm late in his life. He had pursued wealth and women, power and fame, and all that the world had to offer. And he’d spent more time selfishly chasing those things than pouring into his kids. As he looked back, he realized what was most important. And he realized, too, that kids – lives that we get to shape and love and pour into – are an incredible gift from God.

You may have had awesome parents. You may not have. We all have different stories. But today, think about someone or a few someones – a parent, grandparent, mentor, pastor – who took time to count you as a blessing from God and pour love and time into you.

PRAY: Thank God for that person/those people. Spend some serious time considering the impact that he/she/they made and being grateful.

LIVE: Take some time today, specifically, to thank those who came to mind when you read this!

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