READ:  Ezekiel 40-42

BACKGROUND:  This section is thick with imagery. There are entire volumes written about Ezekiel 40-48. If you have general questions of if anything jumps out at you, don’t hesitate to post a comment and I’ll get back to you.

THINK: The Man said to me, Son of man, behold with your eyes, and hear with your ears, and set your heart upon all that I shall show you.” – Ezekiel 40:4

Did He not mean this—“Use all your senses, all your faculties, all your wits to understand Divine Truth”? When the Spirit of God favors you with Light, mind that you see and, when there is a sound of Grace, mind that you hear. Be not one of those forgetful hearers who behold their likenesses in a glass and then go their way and forget what manner of men they are.

Oh, how much more we would understand of God’s Word if we gave our mind to it! We tell our children to learn their lessons “by heart.” If we put the full meaning into that expression, that is the way to learn the things of God! Learn them all over—take them into yourself by every faculty you possess! Strive, as God shall help you by His Spirit, to get at their innermost meaning by every power that is given you. First, He says, “See with your eyes.” What are the eyes for but to see with? He means this—look, pry, search with your eyes. Do not let the Truth of God flit before you and then say, “Yes, I have seen it.”

No! Stop it! Hold it by meditation before the mind’s eyes and see with your eyes. Look, look, look into it! Remember what is said of the angels—“Which things the angels desire to look into”—not, “to look at,” but, “to look into.”

Looking to Christ will save you, but it is looking into Christ that gives joy, peace, holiness, Heaven! Look into the Gospel—let your eyes be intent and steadfastly fixed upon every Truth of God—especially at choice times when God favors you with the noontide Light of His face! Then be doubly intent upon His Word. And then He puts it, “Hear with your ears.” Well, a man cannot use his ears for anything else, can he? Yes, but hear with your ears. Listen with all your might! You are to spy out the meaning with the mind’s eyes but, besides that, try to catch the very tone in which the promise or precept has been uttered…

When I get God’s Word I would desire to hear it with my ears as well as see it with my eyes—to see its sense and then to love the expressions in which that sense is conveyed to me! He cares little for the sense of the words who is not jealous over the words which convey the sense!

Oh, Brothers and Sisters, whenever God does, by His Word, open His heart to you, do not lose anything! Do not lose a sound—a syllable! The Lord demands something more. “Set your heart upon all that I shall show you.” Oh, but that is the way to learn from God—by loving all that He says—feeling that whatever God says, it is the thing you need to know. It is well “when your whole heart comes to know” the Truth of God and, when it knows it, encompasses it about with warm affections so that it may be like a fly in amber, the Word in the midst of your heart—encased there, enshrined there—never to be taken away from you! Set your whole heart on the Word of God!

Oh, to bathe in a text of Scripture and to let it be sucked up into your very soul till it saturates your heart!

– Charles Spurgeon

PRAY:  Thank God for the incredible blessing of his word. Thank him for revealing the truth about himself to us. Ask him to help you cherish the chance to hear from him.

LIVE: “Set your whole heart on the Word of God” today!

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  1. Kelsey says:

    love this description!

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