READ: Psalm 143-144

THINK: A spiritual giant passed away yesterday. Dallas Willard was a true man of God whose writings on God and spiritual formation shaped the thinking and the growth of untold numbers of Christians, myself included. In his honor, I’d like to post a devotional thought from him today:

Hearing God. Some would say that’s a presumptuous and even dangerous idea. But should we expect anything else, given the words of Scripture and the heritage of the Christian church? As Christians we stand in a millennia-long tradition of humans who have been addressed by God. The ancient Israelites heard the voice of their God speaking to them out of the midst of fire (Deuteronomy 4:33). A regular place of communion and conversational interchange between the high priest and God was established in the mercy seat over the ark of God (Exodus 25:22; Luke 1:11-21).

But the individual with faith among the Israelites also cried out expectantly to be taught by God (Psalm 143:10). Isaiah, who had firsthand experience of conversing with God (Isaiah 6) described the process this way: “Then you shall call, and the LORD will answer; you shall cry for help, and he will say, Here I am…The LORD will guide you continually” (Isaiah 58:9, 11).

MEDITATE: Read Psalm 143:10 aloud and sit in the words for a few minutes. Notice how personal this phrase is: “for you are my God.” Relish that. Then ask God specifically what you need to be taught from his “good spirit.”

– Dallas Willard in Hearing God Throughout the Year

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