READ: Imagine that you are in a roomful of your friends, and they have asked you to read them a story. With this scenario in mind, read Acts 12.

THINK: Good stories grab hold of us and won’t let go. This story is no exception. Scripture sometimes “messes” with us in appropriate ways. How does this passage mess with you and your understanding of God?

The people praying for Peter’s release from prison didn’t believe it when he was standing at the door. They thought Rhoda was crazy or I must be someone else or and angel of Peter (but not Peter himself). Is it hard to believe the Holy Spirit is powerful enough to perform such sensational acts? Why or why not?

How often do you pray for God to work and, when he does, react with shock or disbelief? What does this reveal about the faith behind your prayers?

PRAY: What can you pray that God will do – and wholeheartedly believe that he will answer? Pray for that with bold confidence and hope, knowing that God is powerful and is listening to your prayer.

LIVE: Be keenly aware today of how the Holy Spirit is working – in the sensational, in the mundane, or in both.

By: Eugene Peterson in Solo


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