READ: Ezekiel 37

THINK: In late 2009 two Italian archaeologists, Angelo and Alfredo Castiglioni discovered the remains of the 50,000 man Persian army, sent by Cambyses the son of Cyrus to attack Siwa in 525 BC. According to the Greek historian Herodutus, they were swallowed up by a cataclysmic sandstorm never to be seen again. The bones that the Castiglionis discovered were spread out all across the sand of the desert. They were not only dry but they were sun-bleached to a bright white. There were piles and piles of them. Here’s a picture of a part of their find:

Reread verses 1-10, slowly, and try to put yourself in Ezekiel’s shoes. Picture these events actually happening as you read. Try to imagine what it would be like to witness these bleached, dry bones growing sinew and tendons and skin and coming to life. How crazy and incredible would that be!?! This is one of the coolest chapters in the whole Bible. I realize that I’ve probably said that a lot over the last year+ of Through in 2, but I feel like it’s true every time – the Bible is so cool when you actually read it!

I cannot help but see myself in that picture of the dry, bleached bones dead in the desert. In my sin I know that that’s exactly where I was – along with every other human who ever lived. And reading this passage gives me such a powerful sense of hope and gratitude. Because I know that by God’s grace he delivered me out of death and into life. He breathed the Spirit of life into me and make me whole. He is the living God and he is the only source of life for humans in this land of death. All glory and power and life are his!

If he is not your source of life, if you have never accepted his invitation through Jesus’ sacrifice upon the cross, you can today. Invite God to breathe life into to your dead, bleached bones. If you have, I pray that reading this passage gives you a sense of awe, wonder, and gratitude anew. That it reminds you, powerfully, of just what you were without the cross of Jesus – that you were dead! And that it equips you today, to worship God with all that you have because of the depth and power of what he has done for you.

PRAY: Listen to this song and let it be your prayer of worship today. Thank God for the life that is found in him!

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