PRAY: Before you read today, ask God to powerfully reveal himself through John’s heartbreaking gospel account of the trial and crucifixion of Jesus.

READ: John 18 and 19

THINK: In our bible reading journey, we have arrived at the pivotal moment: Jesus, our suffering Savior, is about to be subjected to false arrest, sneering ridicule, scorn, monstrous cruelty, and worst of all, bear the punishment for the sins of all humanity. Every book, every chapter, and every verse of God’s word point either forward to the cross or backward to the cross. And for each of us, our destiny depends on what we decide about that cross.

Consider the following:

John 18: 5 – 6: Where would we be standing? Among the accusers, like Judas? Or falling on our faces before Jesus?

John 18:11: Throughout his entire trial and crucifixion, Jesus remains in total control.

John 18: 12 – 15: Pilate had a choice. Over and over, he declares, “I find no guilt in him” but this monster bows to the Jews demands and orders flogging for the man he declared innocent.  We cannot satisfy both GOD and people!

John 18: 38: “What is truth?” Ironically, Pilate asks the one person in all of history who knew the answer to his question….but Pilate doesn’t even want an answer. If Pilate had even a hint of sincerity in his question, Jesus would have responded, “I AM THE TRUTH.” Pilate looked at Jesus and walked away. Have you looked into Jesus’ eyes? What truth have you seen? If we aren’t interested in God’s truth we won’t be told it.

John 19:15 – “We have no king….” These Pharisees had sworn to have no king but God, yet now they don’t even claim God as their king. While Pilate wants to avoid responsibility, he and these Pharisees walk into the pit of hell for all eternity….and so will everyone else who fails to bow before Jesus.

John 19:19 – Pilate once again is part of God’s sovereign plan: The truth is declared in the three great languages of the ancient world:  (Hebrew – the language of the Jews and the Old Testament, Latin, and Greek) that all may know this is KING JESUS!

John 19: 38 – 42: Joseph a member of the Sanhedrin (powerful Jewish group) had kept silent about his beliefs. Now, however, Joseph puts his life on the line and courageously asks for Jesus’ body. And then along comes Nicodemus, the coward who would only go to Jesus during the cover of night. Together, these two who had been so afraid of what others might think, decide to stop playing it safe! Dear friends, are we hiding, cowering in fear?

Today is Good Friday! Will you join me and step out boldly for KING JESUS today? Let’s declare him our KING OF KINGS! Praise GOD!

By: D. Howard



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