READ: John 17

THINK AND PRAY: It’s pretty incredible to consider that Jesus Himself prayed specifically for you some 2,000 years ago just days before he would give His life as a sacrifice for you. Jesus’ prayer in verses 20-24 is for all those who would choose to love and follow Him (vs 20). During this Passion week, reflect on the power of Jesus’ death and resurrection, the miracle of His life, and the impact that His love has on our lives and world today and forever.

Re-read these verses and pray this incredible prayer of Jesus for yourself and for your fellow believers –

          – Ask God to make us one with each other, pursuing peace and unity with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ so that the world may see a picture of the perfect unity of God the Father and His Son Jesus.

          – Praise God for giving us the glory that He gave to Jesus (vs 22)! (We by no means have the deity of Christ, but we have been given His Spirit to indwell us and allow us to demonstrate God’s glory through our humility and suffering just as Jesus did.)

          – Rejoice in the unity that God designed us to have with Him and that Jesus prays for us when he says “I in them and you in Me” (vs 23.) Beg God for His presence to be made real to you and your oneness with Him to be seen, felt, and known by you and those around you.

          – Ask God to use your oneness with Him and with other believers to reveal to a watching world the indescribable love of the one true God (vs 23).

          – Express your gratitude for the hope of one day being united with Christ in Heaven (vs 24). Then rest in the affirmation and most beautiful, mind-boggling, gracious truth that Jesus Christ Himself went before the throne of God and asked that you might be with Him someday soon.

Rejoice, fellow believer! You are deeply loved by the Savior of the Universe. He longs for you to experience the fullness of God’s love. His plan for saving this world includes your demonstration of His glory. And he eagerly awaits your arrival at His side in eternity.

Written By: Cari Widdel

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