READ: Exodus 39-40

THINK: Every item that was used in the tabernacle was consecrated and made holy (or cleansed and set apart for this special purpose). After reading these two chapters you are very aware of how specific God was with Moses about the preparations of the tabernacle. He cared about everything from the stones in the breast piece to the color of the bells on the hem of the robe.

Each piece of clothing, and each item that was placed in the tabernacle was there for a very significant and specific purpose. Nothing was out of place, nothing was extra and everything was there because God had said it should be.

The tabernacle was basically a tent used to worship God and was one day replaced by an actual building, called the temple. This is where God dwelt, where he could be found. After Jesus rose from the dead, he told his disciples something crazy… God would no longer dwell in a temple built by human hands, but would live inside every follower of Christ. We are a temple, built by God, where the Spirit of God dwells!

Think about yourself as a temple as you skim back over this passage. There are tons of things going on inside you or events that are a part of who you are. And every piece and every detail of you matters deeply to God!

In verse 30 it says that there was a mark engraved on one piece that said, “Holy To The Lord.” Did you know that this is engraved on the past, present and future events of your life? No matter how you feel right now, no matter what has happened to you in the past, know that God is at work redeeming and cleansing you. He is making you holy – set apart for his glory. God will use everything for his good and his glory, because it is a part of the temple… his dwelling… you. Donʼt write yourself off, he has set you apart, consecrated you and made you holy. He has plans in motion to use you. Live in the freedom that you are “Holy To The Lord.”

PRAY: Ask God to give you more clarity about who youʼve been and who you are becoming, so that you can more fully live the life he has planned for you.


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