THINK: Lamentations is one of the saddest books in the Bible, but just because it’s chock-full of disappointment doesn’t mean it’s absent of hope. Jeremiah, writing this book as he mourns the utter destruction of the famous and once-splendid city of Jerusalem, speaks of pain and sadness and disappointment. But he also reflects on the undying goodness and faithfulness of God.

READ: Lamentations 3. Read the passage carefully. As you do so, note Jeremiah’s complete honesty before God. Also note the change in Jeremiah’s attitude toward the end of the chapter from extreme disappointment to an embrace of hope because of God’s faithfulness.

PRAY: Take a few minutes to consider the disappointments you have experienced or are experiencing. Then follow the guidance of Jeremiah’s words and trust that when life is heavy and hard to take you can trust and wait for hope to appear.

LIVE: Don’t ever forget that despite disappointment and pain, God always remains faithful.

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