READ: Get in a comfortable position on your knees. As you are in this posture of submission, ask God to help your body be a symbolic expression of your heart during the next few moments. Admit to God that you want to be submissive to him – even if doing so is difficult – as you engage with his Word. Keeping this position, read Psalm 96.

THINK: The psalmist invites other people to join him in the praise of God. “Get out the message – God rules!” (v.10 in The Message) In what specific ways can we get the message out in praise of our God?

Consider this picture of worship “Bring gifts and celebrate, bow before the beauty of God, then to your knees – everyone worship!” (vv.8-9 in The Message) Is it hard to imagine that God likes it when people celebrate? Why or why not?

What is one attribute of God that you could celebrate right now? Why do you think that attribute comes to mind?

PRAY: While still on your knees, invite the Holy Spirit to come in and guide your prayers. Praise him for whatever comes to mind. If you feel comfortable, speak your praise aloud.

LIVE:  Find a worship album or a Christian radio station and spend the next several minutes listening to worship music. If you know the words to a song, join in and sing along.

From: Eugene Peterson in Solo

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