READ: Read John 15

THINK: Pour it in! The Word of God has cleansing power. One of the surest ways to live a victorious Christian life is to bathe ourselves daily in the purifying principles of the Bible—by reading it, studying it, and obeying it.

A woman in a pagan area of the world became a believer and began attending Bible classes taught by the missionary who had led her to Christ. The teacher soon became discouraged because the new convert seemed to forget everything she was taught. One day the missionary remarked impatiently to the young Christian, “Sometimes I wonder what’s the use trying to teach you anything. You forget it all anyway. You remind me of a strainer. Everything I pour into your mind runs right through.” The student quickly responded, “I may not recall everything, but just as water passes through a strainer and makes it clean, what you have taught me from the Bible helps make me clean. I need that. That’s why I keep coming back.” The forgetful new Chris­tian may not have retained all of the missionary’s instruction, but as the truths of the Bible “poured through” her mind, she felt its cleansing effect.

It’s important for us to be in God’s Word every day—but even more important for the Word to be in us, where its purifying power can do its most effective work. If we pore over God’s Word, His cleansing power will pour through us.

By: R W DeHaan in Our Daily Bread

PRAY: Thank God for the gift of his Word and ask him to cleanse you today. Also, commit yourself to memorizing more of it (maybe a verse a week) so that it doesn’t only pour through you but also lives in you!


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