THINK: Consider your identity. Who are you – really? In what do you find your true identity and sense of worth? In other words, what make you you? Are the sources of your self-worth healthy or unhealthy? Jot down a few notes about how you see your identity.

READ: Ephesians 1. What does this passage – especially verses 11-19 – say about your identity? What is Christ’s role in shaping your identity? Look back at the things you just wrote down. How does the picture of your identity in these verses compare to those initial thoughts?

PRAY: Paul includes several elements in his prayers for the church at Ephesus. It is full of thanksgiving, petitions for intimacy with the Father, clarity for direction, knowledge of a life lived with Christ, and strength.

Make Paul’s prayer in verses 15-19 your own. For example, “I ask you God, the glorious Father of Jesus Christ, to give me the Spirit of wisdom and revelation so that I might know you better.” And so on.

Next, ask God to bring to mind an individual who needs prayer. Come before God and pray these same verses for that person’s current situation and overall life. Pray for his or her identity. Make your prayer specific by replacing the applicable words in the passage with the individual’s name.

Are there others for whom you could pray this prayer? Spend time interceding for them as well.

LIVE: If the Spirit nudges you to do so, tell the person that you prayed specifically for him or her. Maybe even read that person the prayer from Scripture.

Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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