READ: 2 Corinthians 12

THINK: Enter into the scenes Paul is describing in the second part of this chapter. Try to envision the individual members of the Corinthian church he’s writing to. Replay Paul’s history with them – how he first came to the cosmopolitan city preaching the Message of Christ for the first time. Many believed and repented, and many formed new churches. Since then, those churches have helped support him financially, and he’s acted as a spiritual mentor and father to them. Imagine  what goes on in his mind as he anticipates visiting them again; think about what his last visit was like.

PRAY: Now, read verses 16-21 again. Notice the mentions of human relationships – misunderstandings, conflicts, and tensions. In the silence that follows your reading, consider your own relationships. Pick one in which you’ve felt the most recent tension or problems. Open up to God, asking him to show you what he wants you to know about it.

LIVE: Be bold, and follow God’s direction. Do what he told you to do in that relationship (or don’t do what he told you not to do). Follow his leading towards reconciliation.

Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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