READ: 2 Corinthians 11

THINK: I recently read a pretty ridiculous story on ABC News. In mid-December a Maine woman was driving along the highway late one night when her car struck what she thought was a large pet cat. She felt awful and decided to put the cat in her car to try to get it some medical attention. As she was loading the cat into her backseat she thought it was a particularly heavy cat but She then drove on for a few more miles before reaching the city of Bangor. Then something happened. The cat woke up. And the woman looked in her rearview mirror. And she realized that there was a living, adult bobcat sitting in her backseat. And then she freaked out a little. She immediately pulled over and ran from the car, leaving the door open behind her. The cat ripped the car upholstery to shreds and then chased after the woman…just kidding – though that would have been an awesome Tommy Boy-esque scene. Actually, it climbed out of the car and hid underneath. Wildlife officers were called and they removed the cat from underneath the car.

It struck me that this woman was driving along the road for miles, perilously close to serious danger without even knowing it. So many people in our world are in the same position. They aren’t driving with bobcats in their backseats, but they are buying into the lies of those whom Paul refers to as false apostles and deceitful workman. He cautions that they disguise themselves as servants of righteousness and then teach a different gospel than the one we know to be true. By listening to them and allowing their message to penetrate their lives and hearts, people are in a danger that is far greater and longer-lasting than a bobcat attack.

Guard your hearts against false teachers. Guard your mind against those who tell you what you want to hear (Christianity is really easy, following God means being blessed with all of your materialistic earthly desires, it doesn’t matter how much you sin – Jesus loves you just the way you are and would never ask you to change…the list goes on). How can you guard your heart? In three words: Fellowship. Prayer. Scripture. As Paul says in 2 Corinthians 11, Satan and his servants masquerade as angels of light. Don’t let them into your car!

PRAY: Ask God to give you a discerning heart. Thank him for the opportunity he has given you to plug into a church community where believers can encourage one another, to read his Word, and to communicate with him.

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