Happy New Year!

READ: Psalm 70-71

THINK: An unknown author made this analogy: “Can you imagine the captain of a ship, driven about by rough winds and desiring to drop anchor, trying to find a suitable place to do so right on board his own vessel? Such a thing seems ridiculous, but for the sake of a lesson let’s picture the skipper doing that. He hangs the anchor at the bow, but still the boat drives before the wind. He sets it on the deck, but this too fails to hold it steady. At last he puts it down into the hold, but has no better success.

“You see, an anchor resting on the storm-driven craft will never do the job. Only as it is thrown into the deep can it be effective against the wind and tide. In the same way, the person whose confidence is in himself will never experience true peace and safety. His actions are as futile as one who keeps the anchor aboard his own ship. Cast your faith into the great depths of God’s eternal love and power. Place your trust in the infinitely faithful One.”

This is excellent advice! Remember, if your hope for riding out the storms of life is anchored on your own capabilities, your confidence has been tragically misplaced. Instead, with the psalmist declare, “In You, O Lord, I put my trust” (Ps. 71:1). We’ll be steady in the storm if we’re anchored to Christ the rock.

By: Richard De Haan in Our Daily Bread

ASK: As I enter in to a new year, where will my anchor be? In whom will I place my trust in 2013?

PRAY: Thank God for being a reliable anchor. Thank him for his incredibly love and grace and faithfulness. Thank him for being trustworthy!

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