READ: Micah 6-7

BACKGROUND: These 2 chapters take the form of a conversation between the nation of Israel and God. By verse –
6:1-5 – God is in the role of prosecutor here. He states the case of all that he has done for Israel.
6-8 – Israel responds by promising to make up for her sins by offering sacrifices, but God reminds them – again – that he wants obedience, love, & justice and not sacrifices that have no heart to them.
9-15 – God lays out all of the sins and what the punishments will be.
16 – Omri & Ahab were synonymous with deep wickedness and failure to follow God.
7:1 – Micah cries out because the sin of Israel isn’t confined just to some individuals. It is communal sin and universal sin.
11-20 – The book ends on an incredibly hopeful note. Israel, because of God’s great love and faithfulness, will one day be restored, blessed, and exalted.

THINK: “Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light.” – Micah 7:8

This may express the feeling of a man or woman downtrodden and oppressed. Our enemy may put out our light for a season. There is sure hope for us in the Lord; and if we are trusting in Him and holding fast our integrity, our season of downcasting and darkness will soon be over. The insults of the foe are only for a moment. The Lord will soon turn their laughter into lamentation, and our sighing into singing.

What if the great enemy of souls should for a while triumph over us, as he has triumphed over better men than we are, yet let us take heart, for we shall overcome him before long. We shall rise from our fall, for our God has not fallen, and He will lift us up. We shall not abide in darkness, although for the moment we sit in it; for our Lord is the fountain of light, and He will soon bring us a joyful day. Let us not despair, or even doubt. One turn of the wheel and the lowest will be at the top. Woe unto those who laugh now, for they shall mourn and weep when their boasting is turned into everlasting contempt. But blessed are all holy mourners, for they shall be divinely comforted.

– Charles Spurgeon

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