READ: Proverbs 30. As you read the words of this passage, be aware of the parts of your heart that are represented by the words. Perhaps under certain circumstances you have intentionally ignored God’s rules, while at other times you have run to God for protection, knowing he would help you.

THINK/PRAY: Read the passage a few more times. Each time you read, narrow your focus to the part that most deeply touches the reality of your life. Mull that over. Explore with God what he is saying to you through it, how he may want to lead, challenge, or refresh you.

LIVE: The prayer of verse 9 acknowledges the relationship between our physical and spiritual selves: When full of food, we may feel a false sense of security and disregard our need for God. When hungry, we may feel our need yet doubt that God will meet it.

Consider fasting today, for part or all of the day. Give up food or drink, or perhaps something you enjoy, such as reading or watching television. (Be sure to do this when you can replace you fasted activity with prayer. Maybe just skip one meal.) Let your fast help you get in touch with your heart’s reaction to God.

When you would normally engage in the activity you’re fasting from or when you feel an emptiness that you normally wouldn’t notice, prayerfully read verse 9. In what ways does your fasting experience show you your need for God? Can you trust him to provide for your needs, or is your impulse to try to provide for yourself?

From Eugene Peterson in Solo

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