READ: Psalm 62 & 63

THINK: Take a few moments and meditate on Psalm 63:1-3. Think about the words and tell God how they make you feel. Be honest with him about how your soul responds to this psalm.

Perhaps you don’t have this deep, powerful, unquenchable thirst for God. Maybe the idea seems silly to you or embarrasses you. Or maybe you’d really like to feel that way, but it just sounds to spiritual. Reveal your honest feelings to God.

Maybe you do have these intense feelings for God, or you have at some point in your spiritual journey. If so, what words in the psalm best describe it?

PRAY: Pray Psalm 63:1-3. Let it be a reflection of your heart – as it is or as you’d like it to be.

LIVE: Consider this quotation from the book The Cloud of Unknowing: “Nourish in your heart a lively longing for God.” Bask in that idea, and try to see yourself doing it.

Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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