READ:  John 8

THINK: Imagine yourself in the crowd the day the evens of verses 1-11 unfolded. Picture the embarrassed and shamed expression on the woman’s face. Hear the condescending voices of the religious leaders. Feel the Middle Eastern dirt blowing against you as Jesus bends down and writes something in it.

Now imagine yourself in this same situation as the woman. You’re caught in a horrendous sin, exposed. Imagine you and Jesus having the same conversation:
“Does no one condemn you?”
“No one, Master.”
He looks you in the eyes. “Neither do I. Go on your way. From now on don’t sin.”

What are you feeling in this moment? What are you thinking?

PRAY: Confess those acts of spiritual adultery you’ve engaged in recently. Close your eyes and imagine Jesus standing before you. Hear him telling you that he doesn’t condemn you but that he wants you to stop sinning from now on.

LIVE: Ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom and guidance not to condone other people’s (or your own) sin and at the same time not to condemn those people (or yourself) either. Ask the Spirit to bring to your mind people you can love while avoiding condemning and condoning.

Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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