READ: Psalm 52-53

THINK: The 1960s are known for the rebellion of thousands of young people. But ever since the fall of Adam in the Garden of Eden, people of all ages everywhere have rebelled against authority—parental, governmental, and divine.

The fool, who is referred to in Psalm 53:1, denied God’s rule over his life. People in our day do so in their hearts and in their actions.

It is obvious that rebellion pays bad dividends. It inevitably results in a sense of emptiness that often leads to alcoholism, drug addiction, bizarre religious practices, flagrant immorality, broken homes, incurable diseases, and despair. Sadly, many experience the high cost of putting what they call “my way” above “God’s way.”

The psalmist portrayed God as seeing the defiance of the wicked, observing their antagonism toward His people, and striking them with bewildered panic (Psalm 53:5). One way or another, people who “despise wisdom and instruction” (Proverbs 1:7) always pay a high price.

To live as if there is no God is foolish, for it leads to pain, despair, and eternal death. But to live in the “fear of God” is wise, for it leads to satisfaction, rejoicing, and everlasting life. You must decide, so choose wisely!

The fool denies that God exists,
Eternal truth defies;
But when the foolish one believes,
God’s teaching makes him wise. —Fitzhugh

He is truly wise who submits to God’s wisdom.

By: Herbert Vander Lugt in Our Daily Bread, December 7, 2000

PRAY: Admit your rebellion to God. Consider your life and your choices – where are the areas in which you have rejected him and chosen your own way. Confess that to him and ask him to help you choose to live his way.

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