READ: Isaiah 61-63

THINK: Read Isaiah 61:1-3 again slowly.

1. What roles of deliverance, rescue, and release do you most admire in God (which Jesus also claimed)?
2. Consider what words or phrases in verses 1-3 stand out to you. What do they tell you about the work God is calling you to do alongside him?

Read Isaiah 61:10-11 again slowly, keeping in mind that those who rescue and release others this way find great joy in it. When they work alongside God, they do not burn out.

3. Consider what words or phrases in verses 10-11 stand out to you. What “joy in God” are you being called to, especially as it comes through serving under God, partnering with him in what he is doing on this earth?

PRAY: Ask God for guidance in how you serve. You might pray about the avenues of service you are choosing. Or pray about serving with great “joy in God” instead of serving with joy in results or feelings of success.

LIVE: As you serve someone today, be present to the reality that you are doing this with God’s hand, under his power. This is his work and you get to be a part of it!

By: Eugene Peterson in Solo

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