READ: 1 Samuel 3-4

THINK: Read 1 Samuel 3:8-10 again. As you read these verses, imagine yourself in the story, watching the situation from the back of the room.

At the beginning of 1 Samuel, Hannah wanted to give birth to a son, but she was barren. She prayed earnestly, crying out to the Lord. God heard her prayer, and she gave birth to Samuel. She dedicated him to the temple, where he ministered under Eli the priest. Scholars believe Samuel was a teenager when the events of this passage occurred.

Does hearing God as clearly as Samuel did seem possible? How do you decipher between his voice and the other voices in your life? Samuel needed Eli’s guidance for this. What people around you could help you discern when God is trying to communicate with you and what he’s saying?

PRAY: Often the mot effective way to hear God’s voice is to still our minds and quiet our hearts for a considerable amount of time. Set aside ten minutes in a quiet place and make yourself comfortable. Invite God to communicate with you. Don’t read or pray. Just listen and be, bringing your mind back if it wanders.

LIVE: Sometime in the next week, schedule another ten minutes of silence and once again listen and wait for God to speak to you. Don’t give up. Your practice will pay off.

Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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