READ: Ecclesiastes 5-6

THINK: Reread 6:1-9 slowly.

In what ways do you relate to this point of view? Maybe you feel disillusioned with the promises of happiness made by each “new and improved” object, program, or adventure. Maybe you’ve felt so much pain you wish you’d never been born. Maybe you’ve been showered with good stuff that leaves you secure and comfortable, and you’re left unsettled by the reality check in this passage. Look deep inside yourself and find out what’s being stirred up there. What one image in the passage best encapsulates your thoughts?

PRAY: Sit with that image in your mind, and become aware of Jesus in the room with you now. Allow yourself to think more deeply about what he is saying through this passage about you and your life. Respond to him with and honest heart. Share with him exactly what you’re feeling – the discontent and longing, the pain, the unsettling doubt, whatever it is. If you feel uncomfortable because you wish you could be doing something else, tell him that.

LIVE: Were you able to connect with Jesus in this time? If so, what was it like for you to relate to him? How would you describe the way Jesus was toward you during this time? If you weren’t able to connect with him, what was that like for you? What would you have wanted from this time? Share your thoughts and feelings with Jesus.

From: Eugene Peterson in Solo

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