READ: Isaiah 58-60

THINK: Read Isaiah 59:9-15 again. Reflect the nature of the words in your tone and inflection as you read (that is, if these were your words, read them how they’d sound when you said them.

The subject of this passage may seem like s depressing one to explore. But so is our sin. We often attempt to live our lives with God while forgetting to acknowledge our wrongdoings before him. Yet confession of wrongdoing is a normal and expected part of life for followers of God. We regularly fall short of God’s desires for us, and he wants to hear us acknowledge this and depend on him in every area of our lives.

Read the passage one more time, but this time make is more personal. When you come to the word we, replace it with I, and when you come to the word our, replace it with my. What might God be thinking as he hears you read this?

PRAY: Now, make a list of sins – big and small – that you’ve committed in the last seven days. Perhaps include things you felt you were supposed to do but did not. In prayer, go through your list and, with each item, admit to God that you should not have participated in such wrongdoing. Do this with a humble and repentant heart.

LIVE: As you walk to class or drive to work or wherever you are between tasks, confess your sins to God. As you do this, be as specific as you can about your sins, acknowledging your desperation and futility in attempting to live apart from him.

Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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