READ: Exodus 5 & 6

THINK: I walked out of the woods as quickly as I could. Huge thunderheads had suddenly appeared on the horizon, towering skyward and turning the morning back into night. Just before I got to my truck, a huge rainstorm broke over me. Raindrops pelted down furiously from the black sky.

But most awesome was the lightning. Some bolts struck so near I could hear them hiss. Then came the ground-shaking, deafening crack of the thunder. The air vibrated in ear-popping furor with each tremendous burst of sound. I felt tiny and helpless before such awesome power.

A storm like that echoes in a small way the unlimited power of God Almighty. In the Hebrew text of Exodus 6:3, God’s name appears as El-Shaddai. The Israelites used El-Shaddai to refer to God’s great power and limitless provision for all their needs.

Because God Almighty is so powerful, we can trust Him to keep all His promises. He kept His word to Moses to free Israel from Pharaoh’s hand (v.1). He promises to break us free from sin and death through His powerful work in salvation (Jn. 1:29; Rom. 7:24-25). And He will protect us from the attacks of Satan (Jn. 17:15; 1 Cor. 15:55-57).

Put your trust in El-Shaddai—the Almighty God.

The God who governs galaxies
And makes the thunder roar
Gently guides my little craft
With safety to the shore. —Berg

If we depend wholly on God, we find Him wholly dependable.

By: David C. Enger in Our Daily Bread, November 7, 1996

PRAY: Lay out all of your worries and your cares to El-Shaddai. Praise him for his mighty power and thank him for always being there!

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