READ: Mark 5

THINK: Reread verses 25-34 out loud, slowly. Put yourself in the place of the woman. (If it helps to imagine yourself as a man with an oozing sore, go ahead and try that instead). If you were in her shoes, ask yourself:

1. From where did you get the courage to come behind Jesus and touch his clothes?

2. When Jesus looks at you, how do you feel?

3. How does it feel for you to tell Jesus your story – and for him to listen so well? (Just like he listened well when he healed the little girl in Mark 5 as well.)

4. How does it feel to be complimented publicly by this holy man?

PRAY: Tell Jesus the “whole story” about something that’s troubling you. Kneel as the woman did. Let the eyes of Jesus rest on you and bless you.

LIVE: Get up from your kneeling position and then sit or stand. Close your eyes and sense that you are living well, living blessed.

Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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