READ: Isaiah 47-49

47:7 – This kind of arrogance was exhibited by Nebuchadnezzar.
10 – Babylon’s wisdom came from astrology and magic.
48:1 – People talk about the Lord, but the practice idolatry (verse 5).
3 – Former things = The predictions of Babylonian captivity.
6 – New things = The prophecies of a return from Babylon.
14 – Him = Cyrus of Persia
16 – Me = A reference to Christ, associated here with the Lord God & the Spirit, this is a glimpse of the Trinity in the Old Testament.
49:1-7 – Here the Messiah (Jesus) is called Israel because in him all of God’s expectations were realized, Israel is restored, & though he was despised at his first coming he will be worshipped at his second.
14-26 – God will never forget his people.

THINK: Reread Isaiah 49:13-18, underlining or making a mental note every time the word forget is present.

Can you think of a specific moment when you were forgotten – either intentionally or unintentionally? How did that make you feel? Why?

What is it that you think makes us want to be remembered and included as human beings? Why is so difficult to be forgotten? How does it feel for you to know that there is a God who will never forget you under any circumstance?

PRAY: Pour out your heart of gratitude before God for the fact that he will never forget you – never!

LIVE: In Isaiah 49:16 God says, “I have engraved you in the palms of my hands.” Take a pen and make a mark on each of your hands. Every time you see the marks today, remember that God will never forget you and rejoice that you are written in the palms of his hands! If someone asks you about the marks, tell them about the God who remembers.

Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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