READ: Mark 1. Then click this link (or find someone to read to you), close your eyes, sit back, and listen to Mark 2. Picture the events that are described in your mind as you listen.

THINK: Imagine yourself in the story told in Mark 2:1-12, referring to the text needed. Take time to picture yourself in the shoes of each of the different individuals who are mentioned. Consider what it would have been like to be on the roof, carrying your paralytic friend and making a way for him to see this Jesus guy. Then picture yourself as the crippled person, lying helpless on the mat up there on the roof. Next, imagine yourself as one of the people crammed into that small house in a position where you could easily see and hear the Pharisees and what they were saying. Last, consider yourself as the owner of the house, looking on as all of this transpires – including some folks tearing your roof apart and lowering their buddy through the ceiling!

Which one of these individuals did you most identify with? Why do you think that is?

ASK: Imagine yourself once more as the paralytic, lying helpless on that mat. Jesus looks at you and says, “I forgive your sins.” What is the expression on your face? What are you feeling when you hear those incredible words?

In what ways are you – and all of us – like the paralytic in this story? What does it mean that Jesus is willing and able to forgive you?

PRAY: Let God know how it feels to be forgiven. Let him know what it means to you to be healed.

LIVE: Consider the individuals around you – in your world and a part of your everyday set of interactions – who need a life-changing encounter with Jesus. What can you do to bring them to his feet? What risks do you need to take, what personal sacrifices do you need to make in order to get him/her to that place?

Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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