READ: Genesis 40 -41

BACKGROUND: Joseph’s integrity, humility, and passion to serve the Living GOD continue to amaze us in these two chapters. Here, Joseph the Dreamer (remember Genesis 37) becomes Joseph the dream interpreter. But it’s a far different Joseph than the young kid who angered his brothers by bragging about coats and bowing sheaves!

Principal #1: Dying to self produces the fruit of the Spirit!

Principal #2: Suffering for the LORD produces perseverance, character, and HOPE!

Genesis 40:1 – Several years have gone by. Joseph has earned a reputation in prison and is entrusted with overseeing two VIP prisoners – the King’s Chief Cupbearer and Chief Baker.

5 – Dreams were believed to have specific meanings with regard to the future. God uses this Near Eastern belief as the means to Joseph’s eventual release from prison.

14 – Re-read this heart wrenching plea…Can you almost hear Joseph’s voice catch as he tries to hold back a flood of tears. “Things will go well for you,” he tells the cupbearer, “so please, when you are released, remember me!”

15 – How often do you think Joseph must have replayed this dreadful day? The memory is fresh, the hurt is still raw….”I was forcibly carried off…..and I’ve done nothing to deserve this….”

23 – “The Chief cupbearer, however, did not remember Joseph; he forgot him.” People will let you down….GOD never forgets!

41:40– Joseph is Second-in-Command over the most powerful nation in the world. Those suited for positions of authority are those who can submit to authority.

43: Literally “Bow your knees. Bow down.” How many people can handle that kind of exultation? GOD made sure Joseph had been humbled before he was exalted.

46 – Still a young man of 30, Joseph had royal privilege, geographical dominance, financial authority, social prestige, and political power.

THINK: Do we ever think that other folks around us have Genesis Chapter 41 lives? I mean things just seem to be going so great for them – they have great jobs, they travel, they’ve got plenty of money, and they get invited to all the best parties.  What must those ancient Egyptians have thought as Joseph paraded past them in his royal chariot, dressed in the finest robes with golden chains around his neck? Were they jealous of his fame and fortune? Did they mutter to themselves, “What has he got that I haven’t got? I could do the job twice as well as him!” Maybe those closest to the king were bitter, even resentful.

But we know the truth. We know the Genesis Chapter 37 story. We know the betrayed Joseph, the falsely accused Joseph, the abandoned Joseph, the heartbroken Joseph, the forgotten Joseph. In these stinging trials, Joseph learned a fierce devotion to the GOD who never forgets, who sees every tear, who will NEVER leave us or forsake us and who rescues us from our accuser!

Beloved, when we trust in GOD we can be sure that our Chapter 41 days are ahead! Let the unbelievers around you see GOD blessing you! God will not always prevent trials but he will go with us through the trials!

ASK: Can I live as a blessing to those around me, no matter the circumstances? Strive to be a blessing to others!



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