Read: Psalm 35

Think: I was making my little 3 year old nephew watch a video with me that was trying to teach Biblical truths. The main point was, “I will pray when I am afraid!” I found this rather cute and hoped he would remember to pray when he thought monsters were under his bed. However, I didn’t listen to the message for myself. Later that day I was driving in the twin cities, super scared about being on all those crazy roads with thousands of drivers around me. I had my 7 month old niece in the back seat and I must admit I was a little afraid. Then this truth started to come back to me. The one I had wanted a three year old to remember was the very truth I needed to hear. I repeated, “I will pray when I am afraid” in my head and began to do just that. God’s peace really did start to come over me. He calmed my fears and helped me focus. Isn’t it amazing that these basic truths hit us at every level.

David did the same thing when he was afraid. He had whole armies of enemies coming after him, and his response was to pray! He knew his fears and enemies would overtake him on his own, but he had a God who was on his side. David trusted in God’s overwhelming power and ability. David could look at his enemies and say, ”Do you know who I belong to? That’s right, GOD is my Father and he will protect me!” We can do this same thing. When fears are overwhelming you, turn to God and pray. It may seem like a simple lesson for a toddler to learn, but it is a solid truth we need to trust in and follow.

Ask: What fears do you have? Have you prayed about them and given them to God?


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  1. Deb Howard says:

    So true!

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