READ: Psalm 33 & 34

THINK: The National Weather Service advises that if you’re ever caught out in the open during a severe lightning storm, you should kneel down, bend forward, and put your hands on your knees. Then, if lightning strikes nearby, your body will be less likely to serve as a conductor. Maximum safety depends on keeping a low physical profile.

The same applies to Christians caught in life’s storms—we must assume a low spiritual posture. This means we must humble ourselves before the Lord (Psalm 34:18), be-cause pride and rebellion can harden us. We must speak truthfully (v.13), depart from evil, do good, and seek peace (v.14). Our heavenly Father wants us to stay close to Him when our hearts are hurting so He can impart His renewing strength and healing love.

Yes, we’ll get drenched in the driving rains of adversity, and sometimes its fierce winds will buffet us so severely that we’ll almost be swept off our feet. With each blinding flash of lightning we may be strongly tempted to get up and run. But keeping a low spiritual profile of humility and fear of God is the surest and safest way to weather the storm. David assured us that those who trust God in life’s storms will not be condemned (v.22).

It’s important for us to remember that God doesn’t shield us from life’s storms, he shelters us in life’s storms.

By: Dennis DeHaan in Our Daily Bread, April 19, 2006

PRAY: Let God know about any storms you’re facing right now. Thank him for being a shelter!

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