READ: Isaiah 36-37

THINK: Reread Isaiah 37:9-20. Read it slowly and try to picture the events that are being described. Try to put yourself in the position of King Hezekiah of Judah and imagine what he is feeling in this situation.

Notice the Assyrian king’s reaction to the news that he’s about to be attacked by an enemy: He tries to puff himself up by scoffing at Judah. What might have motivated him to do this at this specific time? In contrast, how does Hezekiah react to the message his enemy sends him? What stands out to you about these different attitudes? How do they relate to you?

PRAY: Think about an area in which you hold responsibility, such as being a group leader at school or a manager at work or having responsibility to uphold your end of a friendship. What are some recent problems that you are responsible to help resolve? In what ways are you dealing (or not dealing) with them? Have a conversation with God about what it’s like for you to have responsibility in this area; share your heart and mind with him.

LIVE: Try to bring your problems to God the way Hezekiah did. If you need help, try writing out your dilemma on a piece of paper and copying Hezekiah’s method – spreading the paper out before God and asking for his help. Ask him to guide you in how to resolve your problems. Be aware that God is your leader, even as you are a leader to others.

Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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