READ: Proverbs 19


By Verse:

2- We live in a world that loves to debate. As Christian people we want to represent CHRIST well so this verse is urging us to have the information correct before engaging in debate or jumping onto one side of an argument immediately.

8- Cherish wisdom and understanding. This could also be stated as, cherish education. A main mantra in Proverbs!

11- A great way to deal with conflict: patience and overlooking offenses

15- Laziness is reprimanded here, that brings some conviction to me on these hot summer days when I lack motivation.

17- Encouragement to give to the poor. What does this look like for you to do? Today?

THINK: What a man desires is unfailing or steadfast love. If you don’t believe me, reread verse 22. Proverbs says that unfailing love is what a man desires to posses, and I think it means that for both men and women. When I first read that sentence I had to stop and think for a while. When I look at pinterest, I feel like I am looking into the souls of women and their deepest desires. There is a website called gentlemint, more aimed at men, which will show me what men desire. (Note: my husband may or may not pinterest with me once in a while- no shame men!) Anyway, when I look at these blogs I see dream houses, dream mustaches, dream weddings, dream workout plans and dream cars. Are these the images of things that bring us steadfast love?

Since I know the Bible is true I trust that this statement is true: “What man desires is unfailing love.” How then is this deep desire in us for steadfast love being revealed by us posting pictures of Lamborghinis and cupcakes made to look like an Easter basket? Are those the things that make us feel whole and secure? Are those the things we put our deep trust in? Let’s take this a little further- we all know that simply pinning something or posting something on facebook does not reveal our deepest desires, but perhaps it reveals something.

Think about it this way. What if we really really desire steadfast and unfailing love (which we all do) but we can’t seem to find it as quickly as we’d like to or in the place we want to, so we fill ourselves with something else. Maybe you have tried to search for a love that never ends, but your parents have not always been there for you, or your best friend drops you. Ouch! What was supposed to be unfailing love has turned into conditional love that leaves you hurt. Instead of continuing to look for this kind of love, many people give up after being hurt and fill their lives with temporary “love.” Maybe this is a relationship, a sport or even a fun hobby. You go after that thing wanting it to fill your deep need, and you will all find out it won’t do the trick.

I just got married 3 weeks ago today and I can tell you that not even a husband who loves and adores you can completely fill the need for unfailing and steadfast love. I can tell you this though- God can and will fill that need. It might take some cleaning in your life to realize how much you still desire this God kind of love. His love is greater than any earthly love. It will leave you feeling more satisfied than any relationship, any diversion or any dream. God’s unfailing love is waiting for you. I believe there is a space in our souls that only God can truly fill- and this space starts with our great desire for steadfast, unending, unfailing love.

ASK: Am I able to see my deep desire for unfailing love? What have I tried filling my life up with in place of this love. Do I need to confess that I have bargained for cheap love instead of filling myself up with God’s love?

Written By: KVH

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