READ:  Job 12, 13, and 14


12:1 – Job replies to the advice of his friends with a good deal of sarcasm (Yeah, right, you wrote the book on wisdom) and contempt (Duh!)

12:13 – 25: God is Sovereign! He does whatever he pleases!

13:15 – Job steadfastly keeps his faith in GOD no matter what happens!

13:18 – Despite his circumstances, Job trusts GOD will vindicate him.

14:5 – God determines the length of our lives.

14:13 – 17 – Job has a glimmer of hope: GOD can bring even a dead man back to life and GOD can cover over sin.

THINK: Last week I had the privilege to attend a Beth Moore leadership conference. One of the sessions was titled “7 x 70: Forgiveness Not Optional.” The speaker shared a bit of her life story and the hard stuff she has faced over the last several years. For starters, she lost her husband in a horrifying accident and both she and her son have gone through cancer. I was completely captivated by her story – as was the rest of the audience. We sat in almost stunned disbelief as she described her journey. It seemed as though it was almost more than one person could bear and yet, so many of us could relate. We’d been there too – in circumstances that were heartbreaking and gut wrenching with no easy answers in sight.  Despite all she’d been through, this speaker was full of joy and peace, content and confident of a bright future. Why? Not because she is certain she and her son are never going to be sick again – they are still in treatment. Not because she thinks she will never face loss again. Not because of anything here in this world. But because she’s placed her complete trust and faith in the promise of JESUS! He gives us a hope and a future!

Like Job, we may have some extremely tough times. And, like Job, we may find little comfort in many of our friends. But we have an amazing Savior. We can turn to him with every thought, every fear, every doubt. And, he will never let us go! In John 6:67 – 68, Jesus asks Peter, “You do not want to leave too, do you?” I love Peter’s reply in verse 68, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life!”

ASK: Do you know you can tell Jesus anything, anytime? Keep turning to HIM! He has the words of life!

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