Something out of the ordinary from Eugene Peterson in Solo again. (There is a method to the madness with this. I think we often get less out of anything we do when it becomes a rhythm that is super familiar, but breaking the rhythm and doing something different not only challenges us by pushing us out of the ordinary, but also helps us think more deeply about the things in our normal rhythm. That said, even if some of the “out-of-the-ordinary” ideas seem weird I really encourage you to try them!)

READ: Proverbs 10

READ (Part II): Stand in front of a mirror and read verses 22-32 again. When your finished, stand motionless. Stare at yourself in the mirror.

THINK: When we read passages of God’s Word that speak about the unrighteous or the evil or foolish person, we are often reminded of other individuals and think to ourselves, “That verse certainly isn’t talking about me.” But we must be careful not to be blinded by the sin and pride in our own lives. Take a few minutes to perform a thorough self-examination. (This might be a difficult exercise for you; being willing to see our true selves is not easy.)

PRAY: Reread verses 22:32 once more. After each verse, pause, look in the mirror, and whisper, “God, is this me?” Allow some time for God to prompt truths in your heart. Some of these thoughts may be hard to hear. If God brings to mind specific areas where you have failed, ask him to forgive you. If God brings to mind areas where you can grow, ask him to help you mature as you follow him. If God brings to mind ways in which you are living faithfully, thank him for his grace in your life.

LIVE: Whatever God-honoring quality was revealed to you today as you asked the question, “God, is this me?” step away from the mirror, go out and live it!

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