READ: Proverbs 4-5. As you read the passage, think about the things in your life that seduce you – the things that suck you in, mislead you, or even corrupt you.

THINK: Again, something a bit different today from Pastor Eugene Peterson:

1. Consider what has caused you to squander days of your life and left you full of regret. It might be patterns of relating to people, patterns of spending your time, or patterns of making decisions. Read Proverbs 5:8-14 again and wait for thoughts to rise to the surface of your mind.

2. Read Proverbs 4:20-23 and see what comes to you about the ways in which you need to avoid such patterns. Do you need to listen? Keep God’s message in plain view? Keep a watchful heart?

3. What would keeping watch over your heart look like? Keeping watch might mean something different for you than it does for others. Avoid just answering this question simply or quickly. Honestly ask yourself what it would/will look like for you to keep watch over your heart.

PRAY: Begin by confessing your regrets about time and energy you’ve wasted. Be honest with God and take the time to fully describe the regrets and let them go. Ask God to help you listen to him better and ask him to give you a watchful heart.

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