READ: Psalm 8

By Verse:
1 – The name of the Lord is the most majestic name in all the earth. It is the only name in which we have purpose and reason for life. The name of the Lord is our everything and it’s because of that name we exist.
3-5 – When we think about how amazing and huge God’s creation is we can quickly feel insignificant and small, but God crowns us as His prize creation.
6-8 – God chose us to care for His creation. It’s an honor to know that God has set us apart from all creation as the superior being to rule over them.
9 – David is wise enough to wrap up this thought by acknowledging God as the Lord over everything. It’s God’s power at work in the heavens and its God’s power at work in everything created here on earth.

THINK: I’ve got a challenge for you today. If you can’t complete it today, try to make time for it this week. I want each of us to revel in the beauty of our God. Here’s why:

In the hustle and bustle of our world, it is so easy to minimize the greatness of our God. The truth is, our finite minds will never be able to understand or appreciate the infinite majesty of our God. But all too often, we don’t even take the time to honor God by quieting our hearts, minds, and lives. So let’s do it. Here’s the challenge:

Find a place outside where you can fully appreciate the beauty of God’s creation (by a lake, in the woods, in your yard, in a field at night when the stars are bright). Leave your cell phone, your ipad, your ipod, etc. inside. Take your Bible with you and read Psalm 8, out loud if you’d like. Take ten minutes (at a minimum) to adore our majestic God. Thank God for being in complete control. Thank Him for creating you and giving you life. Thank him for caring for you. Thank him for knowing you intimately even though he is the God over all of creation. And then be still. Quiet your heart, quiet your mind and allow our majestic God to speak to you. When David described the goodness of God, he couldn’t help but be humbled by his own humanness. That is a good place to be.

Enjoy these moments away from the stress, busyness, and noise of life. Enjoy encountering our incredible God in a new, intimate way as you experience him through his creation!

By: James Howard

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