Week 3, Day 1
Borrowed, again, since I am totally exhausted from the Amazing Race. Yesterday’s awesome post was written by my little sister. Thanks Cari!

READ: Psalm 4

This is a short Psalm, but it is so powerful. To know that we can be at peace because God is in control is a wonderful feeling.

Verse 3: The concept of being “set apart” by God here is similar to the meaning of the term holy in the Old Testament. We are a holy people – set apart for God’s purposes.

A mother and her 4-year-old daughter were preparing for bed. The child was afraid of the dark. When the lights were turned off, the girl noticed the moon shining through the window. “Mommy,” she asked, “is that God’s light up there?” “Yes, it is,” came the reply. Soon another question: “Will He put it out and go to sleep too?” “Oh no, He never goes to sleep.” After a few silent moments, the little girl said, “As long as God is awake, I’m not scared.” Realizing that the Lord would be watching over her, the reassured child soon fell into a peaceful sleep.

As Christians, we may confidently commit both the night and the day to our ever-faithful God. He is fully aware of our fears in the dark as well as our frustrations in the light. We can be assured of His constant care. His loving eye and protecting hand are always upon us.

Perhaps you face lonely hours because of illness or the loss of a loved one. The shadows of the night make the anxiety of your situation seem greater than ever. Doubts arise and fears flood your soul, robbing you of your needed rest.
Trust the heavenly Father, and with the psalmist you will be able to say, “I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; for You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety” (Psalm 4:8). Remember, God is always awake.

In His care confiding
I will sweetly sleep,
For the Lord my Savior
Will in safety keep. —Psalter

Written by: Paul VanGorder in Our Daily Bread, April 5, 2006

ASK: Do I trust in God during dark and difficult times in my life? How does it change the way I live to know that he is in control?

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